TV Week is committed to being a truly inclusive thought leadership platform that creates events and environments where we value and encourage different ideas and views.

Our goal is to create content that Media and Entertainment professionals love and value through the participation of all individuals regardless of their gender, ethnicity, physical or mental disability, sexual orientation, gender expression, age, heritage, education or religion.

We know we have some work to do when it comes to the representation in our speaker profiles and it is our priority to achieve greater diversity in our line-ups.


  • To ensure that our speakers, moderators, hosts, award recipients and staff reflect the diverse industry and locations we serve.
  • Diversify our content throughout our publications, digital platforms and live events and build upon the success of our existing multicultural events.
  • To provide a welcoming environment for all, whether digitally or in-person, that allows our programming to grow and authentically represent the audiences we serv


  • Expanding our pool of speakers organically, through research and implementing a Call for Speakers system that welcomes new voices. 
  • Our speakers will continue to be featured on an invitation basis and the high quality and experience of our speakers will not waiver.
  • Working with partners and sponsors to drive change and encourage diversity in their participation in our events and beyond.
  • Supporting associations within our industry by giving them access to our audience and championing their initiatives for change.
  • Ensuring a consistent approach in representation and the language we use throughout our publications, digital platforms and live events.