Content creation. Latest advertising trends.
Distribution, analytics and revenue streams.


In the fast-moving, innovative TV industry, LA TV Week gives the whole
picture in one place. Our exciting, multi-track conference lets professionals
across a multitude of disciplines share real-world successes and experiences.

The event is designed to help you see the bigger picture and
find new perspectives – delivering clear and actionable insights to advance careers
and companies.

Exploratory. Interactive. Empowering.

LA TV Week is where effective change begins.

An in-depth look into the challenges trends and exciting developments on the horizon in the TV advertising space. Share in the expertise of leading executives and join engaging discussions as this highly anticpated event comes to LA for the first time. 

NextTV Summit (formerly OTT & Video Distribution Summit), returns for its third year as the professional video industry’s authoritative benchmark for assessing the progress and debating the future of television’s digitally-driven transformation in content and distribution.

MCN Wonder Women Los Angeles acknowledges a group of 15 extraordinary women in Media & Entertainment for their commitment to enhancing their business, challenging the status quo and being an example for young leadership around the world. 

40 under 40 brings celebrates the innovation and achievements of individuals who have really made a difference in this fast-paced and ever changing industry. The West Coast event follows in the footsteps of the succesful NYC event and recognizes 40 honorees each year.